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Local resources

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Conquering Waves

 - dragonboat team promoting the recovery and decreasing stigma of people living with mental illness (see article). Adults throughout Vancouver who are living with any mental health concerns, their families and friends are also welcome.  People of all abilities are encouraged to join, all levels welcome. Free. More info: aastorino@cw.bc.ca. Practices are held Saturdays at 1:30 March 14 to end of June @ Science World (to the left).


Gallery Gachet


Canadian Mental Health Association, Vancouver-Burnaby Branch (CMHA-VB)


Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division (CMHA-BC)

 - Mind Matters e-news

 - Visions Journal (free)

 - locate other local branches


Mood Disorders Association of BC (MDA-BC)

 - support groups


Stand Up for Mental Health

 - standup comedy by mental health consumers 

 - 2009 class performance April 15 at 7:00, 145 W 1st St, North Vancouver (near SeaBus)


Jessie's Hope

 - YouTube channel, site and Facebook group

 - eating disorders prevention & awareness society




Virtual Vancouver


Internet Mental Health

 - huge site & forum run by Vancouver psychiatrist Phillip W. Long 


Straight.com Blog - Tech 


Mental Health Commission of Canada online survey.


The Fifth Estate

 - Staying Alive. Inside InSite, full episode online




Greater Vancouver IRL events  

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at 10:33 pm on Mar 5, 2009

I just registered for the Thursday event. Feel free to contact me if anyone has any specific questions or comments they would like me to share.

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